DraftKings In Pennsylvania Takes $150K Bet On Browns To Win AFC

Wager would pay out $1.35 million if it hits
Browns stadium

Looks like Ohio might need sports betting.

An anonymous gambler bet $150,000 via the DraftKings Sportsbook in Pennsylvania on the Cleveland Browns to win the AFC. The bet was made prior to the Browns’ Week 1 loss in Kansas City. The Browns were leading in the game before it slipped through their hands.

It’s unknown if the bettor traveled into Pennsylvania from Ohio, or if the person resides in Pennsylvania or elsewhere. Regardless, it is a bet that shows the Buckeye State could have seen some heavy action on the Browns this year if it had legal sports betting.

For those unfamiliar with how close the Cleveland metro area to Pennsylvania is … it’s pretty darn close. It’s definitely not a far drive — just over an hour to get to a legal mobile betting spot — if you’re looking to bet $150,000. Maybe it was someone from Cleveland who was visiting Pennsylvania for some other reason, or someone native to Cleveland living in Pennsylvania now, or even someone with no Cleveland attachment who simply likes the Browns’ chances.

We’re going to rule out the possibility that it was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan looking to emotionally hedge with the Browns.

A bit fun to speculate, isn’t it?

The potential payout is a whopping $1.35 million. That might be chump change to the bettor or it might be life-changing. Maybe this person took out an ill-advised home equity loan on their house that is currently at an all-time high in value and let it roll on the Browns. When you are talking about a $150,000 bet, however, the payout probably isn’t going to be life-altering for the person with the means to make that kind of bet.

The bettor may not be too concerned about the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. It was an away game for Cleveland against one of the best teams out there, and the Browns historically are abysmal in Week 1. They have won only once in Week 1 since 1999.

The Browns take on the 1-0 Houston Texans in Week 2.

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