‘Cash Eruption’ At FanDuel Casino Explodes With Goddesses — And Fruit

If you like bikini-clad volcano goddesses and fruit, you may enjoy this new FanDuel Casino slots game
cash eruption

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely love volcanoes. And bikini-clad volcano goddesses. And fireballs. And fruit.

I mean seriously: When you think of “best day ever,” you’re not picturing yourself sitting underneath an active volcano spewing fireballs while being fed watermelon by the volcano goddesses?

No? That’s just me? Well, fine then. Your loss.

But if you’re the slightest bit interested in the above, you may want to check out “Cash Eruption,” one of the newer online slots to grace the FanDuel Casino in Pennsylvania. 

The IGT game features a middling 96% RTP, but it does offer some pretty hefty jackpots for the low cost — as little as 20 cents a spin (and as much as $5, if you’re feeling frisky/fiery).

Ready to make an offering to the volcano? Let’s jump right in and see if this PA online casino will spill over with some cold, hard cash.

The facts

It’s a 5×3 slot, and … it’s a fun little slot.

Get three items in a row — including fruit, bells, the number 7, ya know, your typical volcanic hoo-ha — and you’ll win a small cash prize. But it’s the bonus stuff — and, to a lesser extent, the wilds — where the real money comes in.

First up, the wilds: The volcano goddess acts as a wild, and when she appears in reels 2, 3, 4, or 5, she bulks up to take over the entire reel in all her bikini-clad glory. So that’s nice.

Then there’s the free spin bonus. If you hit three or more free spin volcanoes, you get a minimum of six free spins. You also get a multiplier based on the number of volcanoes you got on the original spin, up to 100X if you get five of them. 

Once the free spins begin, you can pick up an additional nine free spins based on the results, and can even unlock the grand volcano — no clue what that is, but keep spinning!

Additionally, there is the bonus to be had if you unlock six moneyed fireballs, which, at first glance, look like six moneyed balls of Jupiter plasma hydrogen Andromeda or something, but “fireballs” is fine.

FanDuel Casino slots

For this bonus, if you hit six of them, you win the money encased in each one, and then get three re-spins to nail down another fireball. Keep doing this until you run out of re-spins, and collect the money earned. There are also mini, minor, major, and grand bonuses that are triggered by fireballs appearing on the reels, and if you fill the board with 15 fireballs, you win the grand bonus, which is a cool $10K no matter what your initial wager was.

Look and feel

Well, I’m going to talk about the fruit again.

I’ve got no beef with fruit-based slots, I’ve got no complaint with volcano-based slots. But I am going to question merging the two together.

I mean, we couldn’t come up with some volcano-based stuff to fill out the board? Throw in some lava rocks or magma or something? While I don’t play slots with the goal of mimicking reality, it does take you a little bit out of the game when you get a bikini volcano goddess, a fireball, two oranges, and a few cherries on the same spin.

The music is pretty good, kind of thumping, sounds a little dangerous, which fits half the game (not the fruit part).

The graphics are fine, and the bikini-clad goddess is a looker. (Just once I’d like to see a slot machine feature grandmothers or something. Or even girl-next-door types. Surprised there isn’t an official movement afoot.)

The results

I gave it 50 spins at 20 cents a pop, and I came out ahead $1.20, virtually all thanks to hitting the fireball bonus on my seventh spin.

I won $7.80 on that single spin, and boy howdy, it did get exciting there at the end as I managed to fill up 14 of the squares. Namely: I had three spins for a shot at $10,000. 

Now granted, I didn’t think one of those three spins was going to score me the jackpot, but as they say, you have to be in it to win it, a dollar and a dream, platitudes and cliches and so on.

Overall, it’s a fine way to waste a little bit of time, but clearly, hitting a big bonus aside, expectations should be kept well in check.


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