Party Casino PA Bonus Code

* PartyCasino isn’t yet live in PA. This preview is based on Party’s casino offering in New Jersey. This page will be fully updated when the site is live in the Keystone State.

Like many online casinos, PartyCasino got started overseas in the flourishing betting markets of the UK and Europe. Years of experience offering casino betting to online users across the pond has now come to the US, and users in NJ are already taking advantage of the PartyCasino service using their smartphones, laptops and other devices.

Pennsylvania is next on that list, and users in PA should look forward to taking advantage of PartyCasino’s years of experience by early 2021. When the brand does go live in the Keystone state, this review will be a resource for signup instructions, information on welcome offers, and more.

PartyCasino’s (expected) Welcome Offer in PA

Party Casino PA Promo CodeSite not yet live
Welcome BonusTBD
Casino Launch Date2021 (estimated)

At the moment, the welcome offer in Pennsylvania is TBA. In NJ, the PartyCasino welcome offer is a 200% deposit match up to $200. Once PartyCasino PA does go live, the welcome offer will probably mirror that of New Jersey.

  • The Deposit Match Bonus is welcome offer for new players where the operator matches your first deposit up to a certain percentage and dollar amount — 200% up to $200 in the case of PartyCasino. With this offer, make your first deposit and the operator will add up to an extra $200 worth of betting credits that can be used as your stake, but not withdrawn as cash until wagering requirements are met.

How the bonus will work

When you’re securing any kind of welcome bonus with an online casino, a few things need to be in place. Primarily, you need to have an active account with the service, and in most cases need to have made a first deposit (see above). Additionally, most deposit-linked bonuses have wagering requirements.

Here’s a simplified example of wagering requirements: if there is a $200 bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, you must make wagers to the tune of $2,000 to secure the extra $200. At first glance, this seems extravagant, but note that this doesn’t mean you need to spend $2,000– you simply have to bet that amount within a certain period.

Wager the $2,000 and you’ll secure that extra $200. It’s important to note that certain games types contribute to wagering requirements at different rates: with PartyCasino, 100% of your wagers on slots will count but table games will not count at all.

Why play at Party Casino PA?

There are plenty of reasons to play with PartyCasino online:

  • Solid selection of games: PartyCasino has all of your favorite table games, including roulette, baccarat, and craps. Slots are well featured, including several variants of jackpot slots and slot races. Also hosted is a decent selection of live dealer games, detailed in the “Game Selection” portion of this review.
  • Varied cashier options: Users of PartyCasino will have access to perhaps one of the widest selections of banking options available, including the ability to make deposits with American Express and Discover cards.
  • Good for betters of all skill levels: PartyCasino, owing to its ease of use and simple interface, is a good choice for new bettors looking to try their hand at a table or casino game that they might not have tried before. Intermediate to expert bettors will be encouraged by the presence of niche game varieties and the challenge of facing your opponents head-to-head in table games, slot races, and more.

Where can PartyCasino improve?

The PartyCasino platform does a good job of offering a well-rounded selection of playable games with decent promotions and not too many glitches. However, there are a few minor concerns in functionality and interface that we feel could use a touch-up.

In terms of interface concerns, we’re happy with the organization of things on desktop, but navigation could feel a bit more intuitive on mobile. There’s not a dedicated menu of games but rather a few scattered icons featuring blackjack, roulette, and live dealer games. You will likely be doing quite a bit of scrolling to find your preferred game or game type.

Additionally, most online casinos and poker providers allow users to demo some of the games to get a feel for the interface and how they play, but Party does not. It’s always a positive when new users are able to boot up a demo version of a slot of table game that they’re interested in before “buying the cow”, so to speak, so the lack of this option with PartyCasino is disappointing.

Who is eligible to play at Party Casino Pennsylvania?

As with all legal online casinos in the US, a few stipulations are in play in order to legally wager:

  • Age requirements: All users of PartyCasino must be 21 and older in order to legally wager.
  • Location requirements: Legal online casinos require their users to verify their location at all times while using the app or desktop version of the platform to wager. PartyCasino is no different, and requires users to either share their location with their devices or use another method for verifying location whenever using the desktop version. We’ll detail that process below.
  • Exclusion: All legal online casinos in the US are required to provide ways for users to “self-exclude” or “cool off” as a part of their Responsible Gaming initiatives. If you’re a user that has opted for one of these cooling off periods, you will of course be unable to use that online betting provider until your cooling off period has ended.

How to Register with Party’s PA Online Casino

Registering and using the PartyCasino platform is a snap whether you’re on mobile devices or on your desktop computer, with a caveat for Android users. Here’s a rundown of how to sign up with PartyCasino:

      1. (Desktop users of PartyCasino can skip this first step.) Visit the PartyCasino website on your mobile device to download the Android app, or visit the App Store to download the app for iOS. iOS users will simply install and open the app, while Android users will have to download the APK file and install the PartyCasino app from there. Your Android device will prompt you that this is an “installation from unknown sources” and that APK files “may harm your device”, but go ahead and download and install. These apps are safe.
      2. Tap or click Register at the top left of the screen or app.
      3. Enter your email and preferred password.
      4. Enter your personal details, including the last four of your SSN to verify your identity and age.
      5. Agree to the terms and conditions, including that you are of legal age to wager.
      6. Click or tap “Create My Account” and make your first deposit to begin! Don’t forget to opt-in to any welcome offers available, or use any promo codes we have detailed in the table above.

Desktop users of PartyCasino online won’t have to worry about location services, as the website will use cookies and WiFi data to determine your location.

Desktop experience

Aesthetically speaking, PartyCasino’s desktop version could be a bit better looking. Where its sister site, the Borgata Casino, has a clean, modern interface, PartyCasino uses an older-feeling format that isn’t as appealing. However, this is a minor concern, as everything is completely legible and the website functions as well as can be expected. Some users may even find the desktop’s use of screen space a bit easier to manage.

Desktop users will also note that the navigation of the site is a bit easier than it is on mobile, as game types are displayed at the top in discrete categories instead of being on one long-scrolling menu with new games and other deals shoved into the feed. This isn’t a huge design flaw, but implementing a category menu on mobile would make the in-app experience as fluid as it is on desktop.

Mobile experience

Overall, the PartyCasino app leaves us with few complaints. The home screen could be organized a bit better, feeling a little busy and visually overwhelming. Though a nice touch, the animated game icons and the scrolling promotions can actually be a bit distracting when you’re looking to quickly open the app and find the game of your choice.

We’ve also noticed that the PartyCasino app tends to pester users for access to media files and photos, for some reason. After a few prompts you can opt to have the app “not ask again”, but this was a strange quirk of the app that seemed to affect Android users.

Overall, though, this app is one worth downloading. Aesthetic concerns and permissions quirks aside, everything functions as it should. The app does a decent job of pointing users towards new games and features, and the games themselves are just as playable with thumbs as they are with keyboard and mouse. The PartyCasino app is available for iOS and Android devices, and is a nice way to bring your favorite casino games with you on-the-go.

PartyCasino PA Banking Options

Luckily, PartyCasino’s banking options are easy to find and utilize. Your cashier options are listed in the Banking section of the site or app, and include perhaps the most extensive list of available cashier options on the market today, including offering support for Discover and American Express.


When you’re ready to make a deposit, the following options are available:

      • VIP Preferred
      • Play+ Prepaid Card
      • Visa/Mastercard/AmEx
      • PayPal
      • Electronic transfer
      • PayNearMe, at select retail locations
      • Skrill


We always like to remind new users: cashier methods for withdrawing are generally a bit more limited than deposit options, and can take a bit longer to process. However, this is an industry standard, so it’s not really an issue specific to PartyCasino. Besides, if you’re ready to make a withdrawal, that means you’ve probably won a bit of money.

The following withdrawal options are available with PartyCasino:

      • Check by mail
      • PayPal
      • Play+ Card
      • VIP Preferred
      • Skrill
      • Online banking

Party Casino Pennsylvania Game Selection

The PartyCasino online app and desktop version both have access to the same number of games, which is a good sign– some casino providers have difficulty porting their game selection over to mobile due to technical and compatibility issues. Whether you’re on the app or main site, look forward to a good selection of table games and a pretty extensive list of slots.


PartyCasino offers hundreds of slots including jackpot slots and slot races, two novel versions of perhaps this most iconic and easy-to-play casino game. Slots are simple to sit down and play, and PartyCasino gives users a pretty decent variety of both simple and complex slot reels. On desktop and mobile, jackpot slots are denoted by a red footer with a dynamically updating total, pointing you in the direction of the biggest potential win. Slot races are a form of competitive slot where users can get extra bonuses for beating the clock (and other players).

Table Games

Plenty of users are happy to log on and play slots to their heart’s content, but the average casino patron is going to want to try their hand at some table games, too. PartyCasino does not disappoint in that regard, offering a competitive selection of table games. Users will be able to enjoy multiple varieties of roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. In addition, PartyCasino offers video poker, a live dealer version of Hold’em, and quite a few unique games like Casino War and Football Studio.

Live Dealer

We’re happy to report that PartyCasino does indeed have a live dealer section, and it’s pretty well-populated as far as online casinos go. If you’re unfamiliar, Live Dealer games are pretty much as they sound– online casinos games where (you guessed it) a live dealer or croupier is running the show. As far as live dealer selections go, PartyCasino has a pretty extensive one, offering multiple versions of blackjack, roulette and poker all with a live streamed human being at the other end of the table. These games are pretty resource-heavy, so make sure you have an unlimited data connection or a solid WiFi connection before sitting at a live dealer table.

PartyCasino PA Rewards

At the moment, PartyCasino players don’t benefit from any kind of rewards programs. This is disappointing, especially considering PartyCasino’s partnership with the Borgata in Atlantic City. We’d love to see these partner casinos team up to offer an online-compatible rewards program, but for now, there’s nothing in the pipeline. Perhaps, when PartyCasino does go live in PA, we’ll see the addition of a compatible points accrual program. For now, here’s a rundown on how online casino rewards systems tend to work:

Most online casino rewards programs are tier-based, meaning that users will earn points that advance their levels as they go, each level providing more VIP benefits to their users. You usually have to keep an active balance of points to maintain VIP status, and those points do expire, so rewards programs are perhaps best suited for more frequent bettors. When you do sign up with a loyalty program, rewards often include exclusive promotions, cashback bonuses, and comps at real-world locations like casinos and resorts. If and when PartyCasino does offer a rewards program to its users, we’ll let you know here.

Customer Support

PartyCasino has a relatively good customer support section, but there are a few areas where it’s lacking. Primarily, we’re disappointed with how the Help section actually works– it would be nice to be able to browse some FAQs or common concerns, but instead the Help link takes you to a context-based menu that will narrow down your concerns to a few choices.

If you have questions on betting, for example, you’ll have to choose a category at random and click through to the prompt that asks “Do you need more help?” since there is no section on betting offered at the main Help screen. This is the only way to get to the full help section from the main PartyCasino site and app, and it’s a bit frustrating that there’s no way to directly visit the support pages without forcing the website to offer you the link. A simple link to the full Help section at the top of the main page would alleviate this frustration.

If you’re not getting the information you need from the help section, you may access personal help through the Live Chat and email functions. It’s great that PartyCasino gives its users the ability to log onto a live chat window and get information or address account concerns in real time.

However, at the time of writing, the phone option for customer support has been disabled due to volume. If you’re unable to handle all of the concerns of your users by phone, that might be a sign that you need to add more phone representatives or improve your user experience, not shut down one of the two methods for customers to get help in real time.

Party Casino Verdict
Bottom Line
PartyCasino, while not being the most eye-catching or unique betting platform available today, does what it does well. We’ve seen plenty of websites that put too much emphasis on slots, sites that don’t have live dealer support, and sites that have no promotions to speak of. Happily, PartyCasino hits all these marks well, offering a variety of games without playing favorites, and giving users incentives to join and to try their hand at new game types.
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The Bad
Overall Rating