PA Poker Players Irked After WSOP Event Postponed At Last Minute

$3,200 buy-in bracelet event in Pennsylvania delayed due to 'technical difficulties'
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It seems some poker players in Pennsylvania are a bit tilted that a $3,200 tournament from the WSOP online platform was postponed minutes before it was scheduled to be held. On Tuesday, the WSOP, which launched in Pennsylvania in mid-July, announced that its high roller tournament would be pushed back due to “technical difficulties.”

Around 20 players were registered for the tournament, which didn’t have a guaranteed prize pool. It was moved back to Tuesday, Aug. 17, at 5:30 p.m. EST. It’s unclear why the WSOP chose that date instead of running the event as soon as the issue was resolved, but it appears designed to maintain the schedule of having one bracelet event per day until the series’ conclusion.

Apparently, the undisclosed back-end issues impacted other ongoing tournaments at the time, as poker player Ryan Hagerty stated. Hagerty has won more than $500,000 in WSOP-branded events.

Fortunately for Hagerty, he’s from New Jersey. Some were unhappy because of the longer travel required for out-of-state residents to participate. The online poker operator is live in just four states.

“I know people that drove here today to play this exact event and this event only,” a person on Twitter said. “You cancel ten minutes prior??? Site is running great and there were more than the minimum entrants required to run. This is impressive.”

Another person said they drove two hours to play in the event.

Somewhat fortunately for the WSOP, the tournament had enough players, so there weren’t any tweets we could find alleging that the platform deliberately scrapped the event at the last minute for lack of participation. The $3,200 high roller is part of an eight-event online bracelet series confined to within Keystone State borders. The series was slated to end Aug. 15, but it now appears it will end Aug. 17 or 18 after the conclusion of the postponed event.

Earlier this month, the WSOP completed its more than 30-event online bracelet series that was confined to Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware, three states that are able to share liquidity. Pennsylvania does not yet allow that. The WSOP is expected to also launch in Michigan sometime this year.

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